Friday, March 12, 2010

Garden of the Gods HD shoot

I decided to take an afternoon to film this beautiful park with my new Canon XH-A1s. It was an overcast day but I decided to shoot anyway to learn some of the manual features the camera provides. As I got closer to the park it started to snow a little off and on and after about 30 min of shooting it started to POUR! I got a few shots in before I retreated to the car. After driving down the road to get out of the park I spotted 2 deer right next to the road. I whipped out the camera and filmed them both for about 5 minutes! Overall it was a good time to get outside and use the new cam. I used the aperture priority mode most of the time in order to let enough light in on such a cloudy day. Until I upgrade to vimeo plus, you will have to watch it on their site for HD playback


Andy at Alpine Studio

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  1. You did a really good job! I liked it...keep'em coming!